Get help with your designs

Do you have a design that you can't seem to get right? We'll be more than happy to provide suggestions and feedback during the product design process. With our experience, we can spot potential issues and offer advice on how to correct them.

We'll even create a prototype for you to try yourself. That way, you can see if you're on the right track or if something needs to change. No matter what the situation is, you can count on us to offer our support.

It's Never Been Easier to Get Complex Components

Let our manufacturing company create the parts you need in Superior & Missoula, MT

Sometimes, the right part for a job isn't available for sale. In these situations, you'll want to work with a manufacturing company like Allyn Precision Machining in Superior & Missoula, MT. With our turning and milling equipment, we can make you whatever custom parts you're looking for.

Our manufacturing business is able to make components for all types of industries, such as medical, aerospace and agricultural manufacturing. Once we've finalized your part design, you can place a recurring order so you never need to worry about running out.

Contact our manufacturing business today to learn more about our machining services.

Why work with us?

At Allyn Precision Machining, we pride ourselves on being able to create even the most difficult components. All of our parts are built according to your specific print specifications.

You can trust our manufacturing company because we:

  • Have over 25 years of experience
  • Can use both metals and plastics
  • Use high-quality materials
  • Deliver all parts on time
  • Get the job done right the first time

If you're ready to have your parts made, then reach out to us now.